What’s in a name? Story behind Fenum

Hello and welcome Fenum community!

The universe of decentralised finance is big and it’s only getting bigger. As it stands, hundreds of thousands of tokens make their home on the blockchain. So from the beginning, we knew we needed to create a brand that would be in a public eye.

We needed a name. Creating a unique brand name in today’s world can be one of the single most challenging tasks a business will face. A name needs to represent the overall mission of the company and encompass the brand positioning, values and tone of voice whilst at the same time ensure that it is ownable, pronounceable, spellable and has no negative connotations. Moreover we wanted something inspiring.

With our vision of creating a great gaming experience token and a community-driven, staking-based platform in mind, we saw two themes: strength in numbers, and prediction. The former harks back to an atavistic principle which is universally understood, the latter dips its toe into the world of mysticism and precognition.

After a long buzz session, we eventually settled on a name which we felt embodied both elements: Fenum. This name represents power of numbers, luck and endless possibilities. “Feel the number” is our slogan.

All decisions, in one way or another, deal with numbers. Making good choices is about understanding things like risk calculations, statistical patterns, and basic probability. So we wanted to put this idea in the heart of the project.

Well, numbers. Numbers hold a divine connection to the people and world around them. Each numerical value is of great significance, which is why some people may notice a specific number appearing during certain milestones or life events. We had an idea and we wanted to create a best possible way for our users to have best experience with something unique they have never tried before. That’s when Fenum got it’s process started. But that’s another story yet to be told.

Community is at the heart of our vision for Fenum, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how you perceive our brand. Please don’t hesitate to reach out on our channels and let us know.

Thanks for reading,

Team Fenum.

Our website — https://fenum.io/

Our Telegram channel — https://t.me/fenum_io

Our Twitter — https://twitter.com/fenum_official



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