Tokenomics and our long-term vision

  1. Governance Token for the future game modes
  2. Additional revenue from every game played shared between stakers and farmers
  3. Deflationary as revenue will be implemented in some time with burning mechanism to reduce total supply (still to be decided)
  4. Ecosystem Discounts
  5. Liquidity Rewards
  6. Bonus partners programs
  7. NFT revenue due to platform growth
  • Private sale tokens. On the listing day 15% of tokens will be available for users initially, then 10% monthly during 8 months and 5% will be unlocked in the last month.
  • Public sale tokens. 30% of the amount will be available to the user after listing, then 10% monthly during 7 months.
  • Marketing & Reserve Tokens are 20,3% of total tokens will be gradually unlocked for 12 shares (on monthly basis, starting with the listing day) + as they will be used over a long period of time to increase the adoption of the Fenum platform, ensure liquidity over various pools, facilitate successful partnerships, and conduct various user onboarding campaigns.
  • Farming / Staking + Reward Reserves will be locked and will come into circulation over a period of 24 months to ensure that the community is adequately rewarded for participating in the Fenum Ecosystem.
  • Development fund will be gradually received in 24 shares (on monthly basis, starting with the listing day) in order to ensure that the team is aligned towards the success of the project.
  • Team tokens are initially locked for 12 months. After that tokens will be gradually received in equal shares for 24 months. Team tokens will be available in case all main milestones achieved.



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