Tokenomics and our long-term vision

The FNM token will be used completely inside the Fenum Ecosystem. The use case of $FNM token will redefine the growth of the Fenum Platform:

  1. Governance Token for the future game modes

FNM token model has been carefully designed to facilitate the long-term growth of a strong and engaging ecosystem around our platform.

The initial circulating supply will be 5 050 000 FNM tokens.

Key Details:

  • Private sale tokens. On the listing day 15% of tokens will be available for users initially, then 10% monthly during 8 months and 5% will be unlocked in the last month.

The Fenum team would like to thank our community for your tremendous support, and we commit to continue to develop this great ecosystem upon our success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

The more users that are onboarded, the more enormous will be the fruits of our labor for the Fenum community.

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